Open The Conversation is a 60-minute mental health educational program. The program is designed to remove the stigma associated with mental health, mental illness and addiction and help encourage people to incorporate positive mental health strategies into their daily lives. This presentation is delivered by people who have lived-experience, making it a raw, powerful, engaging and relatable experience.

The presentation consists of:

  • Encouraging the conversation around mental health to be normal and positive
  • Founder, Luke McLeans story of addiction, depression and anxiety and how he got to the point of feeling worthless
  • Open discussion on how to remove stigma associated with mental health and mental illness
  • How to incorporate positive strategies into your daily life to improve your mental health

Where are these run?

  • Sporting clubs
  • Workplaces
  • High schools
  • Corporate events
  • Community events

For more information or to book a presentation click here…

What others think…

‘To anybody that can get along to a seminar/talk night-please do! This is a very real, honest and humbling way to get across to people. and it worked for me tonight. the people that run this are lovely and open and up for a chat! thank you for doing this, every step taken towards mental health awareness is a good one and very much needed. I look forward to seeing what this journey brings for you and those that you help and change’  –  Louise

‘Amazing story and a very important subject. mental health is not talked about enough. thanks luke for your hard work and dedication to the subject. I am worthmore!’ Erin

Share It

Supporting us can be as simply as giving our page on Facebook a like or a share. By sharing our posts or our page, we’re able to reach all sorts of different people who may be experiencing struggles with their mental health and haven’t spoken up.

Spreading the I Am Worthmore message means people don’t need to feel so alone. Every time you tag, like or share us, you are helping other know that you support them which in turn supports us. Tag your posts with #IAmWorthmore to get our message further out there. We greatly appreciate your support!

Speak It

Our aim is to make everyone feel that they are worth more and we ask our supporters to speak up about their own struggles with mental health in order to get our message out there. Speaking up isn’t just for ourselves but for the countless other people that we may not know are struggling with mental illness and simply haven’t found the courage yet to ask for help. Let people know that you’re there for them, that it’s okay to not be okay and go forth with no judgement of other struggling.

There is a huge amount of support out there for yourself or someone that you know who might be seeking help. Go to our Get Help page for details of organisations that can help.

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