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I Am Worthmore is a registered Australian charity with the purpose of creating a mentally healthy community. We do this through in-person lived-experience facilitated sessions. The mission is simple- break down stigma, encourage conversation and educate on effective strategies to manage and improve mental health.

Through I Am Worthmores Lived Experience Mental Health Education & Awareness programs delivered in workplaces, sporting clubs, schools and communities all over Australia we are normalising the conversation of mental health. A lived experienced facilitator will openly share their story to help break down barriers, instead of being told what to do, I Am Worthmore show what has worked to manage and improve mental health.
With a unique approach of PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT, I Am Worthmores Lived Experienced Mental Health Education & Awareness Program is a way of having a real open & honest discussion in your workplace, club or community with the benefit of being able to pay whatever you can afford or you think its worth!

Our Ambassadors

John “Swanee” Swan

Arriving in Adelaide from Glasgow in 1961, John Swan was soon earning the respect and friendship of many of Australia’s musical legends. He was playing in bands in Adelaide by the age of 14 and took Bon Scott’s place in the blues-rock band Fraternity.

John, aka Swanee, has a formidable blues voice that can also do credit to a soul ballad. His no-nonsense personality comes through in his performances and his incredible work ethic has endeared him to many of Australia’s finest players. He is known as a musician’s musician.

After years as a pub-rock road warrior, he launched his own band (also known as Swanee) and in 1980 released a debut album ‘Into The Night’. A series of hit singles followed, including ‘Matthew’, ‘Lady What’s Your Name’ and ‘If I Were A Carpenter’. In 1987 he joined the Party Boys and enjoyed a #1 hit with ‘He’s Gonna Step On You’ and a multi-platinum, self-titled album.

Six years ago, John came off the road to get sober after too many years of hard partying. A long distance recording project with Australian producer Mark Moffatt, now based in Nashville, soon turned into a full blown album, ‘Have A Little Faith’. The new record features many of Nashville’s finest players working through a selection of new songs from John, some favourite tunes and some updated versions of his biggest hits.

Amongst other things Swanee was a South Australian Amateur Boxing Champion, Senior South Australian of the Year & all round legend. 
He has assisted many charities in his life and is now a proud ambassador for I Am Worthmore. As someone who has battled addiction and mental illness, Swanee is looking to help other people who feel that they might not have any support by being open about his experiences.

Dee Shepard 

Dee Shepard is Partnership & Communication Executive with the Channel 9 Adelaide Football League (formerly the SA Amateur Football League)  since December 2012, previously spending 2 years at Sturt Football Club as Corporate Services Manager after a long profession as Executive Assistant to Phil Hoffmann at Phil Hoffmann Travel. Dee has travelled often hosting large groups through China, New Zealand, South Pacific and Australia. One of Dee’s vast travel and personal achievements was trekking in the Himalayas  “Not only was the scenery astounding but the culture and people were heart-warming”


During her time involved in Marketing, Sponsorship/Communication and Events,  Dee formed an extensive network and gained exceptional knowledge in fundraising and sponsorship. Dee has coordinated major events for fundraising and worked with many prominent luminaries in Adelaide.

Working closely with MINDA, Bedford , Childhood Cancer Association and other charities Dee also was one of the first to offer Grief and Loss Counselling support groups in the western districts in the late 1990’s. Studying Counselling and specialising in Grief & Loss after losing  her mum to cancer it was an internal healing process but what it did for the wider community was rewarding.


Dee’s foremost background has been in travel but then saw an opportunity many years ago to focus on Sponsorship in Australian Football rules. Dee enjoys supporting all sports, regularly runs for fitness and lives with her 19 year old daughter Bianca in the Western suburbs.

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