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Gratitude | Mindfulness | Purpose

I Am Worthmore was founded with the purpose of helping everyday Australians feel more value in themselves. I Am Worthmore is aiming to break the stigma associated with mental health, mental illness and addiction. By opening the conversation and encouraging others to do likewise, the message can spread that it is okay to live with mental illness. I Am Worthmore also encourages the education of showing and practicing gratitude, mindfulness and purpose. By joining our mission we can live in a more grateful community, who live in and make the most of each moment, and with a defined purpose.


Remove the stigma associated with mental health, mental illness & addiction


  • Educate people on how to incorporate positive mental health strategies into their daily lives
  • Connect to young people through relatable raw presentations
  • Encourage people suffering with mental illness and addiction to learn to manage live with it and help other people from their experience


Open the conversation through our presentations in local communities, corporate functions, sporting clubs and schools. Help create awareness through community fundraising events and networking events.

How can I help?

By making a donation to help I Am Worthmore reach more Australians. You can receive a gratitude journal and t-shirt for any donation of $100 or more. I Am Worthmore is a non-profit organisation so all of your donations go back into supporting our community improve mental health.

Our Ambassadors

Spence Thomson

Bonnie Foster

Mathew D’Onofrio

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