Nathan Rattley


My name is Nathan Rattley.

It’s Amazing to think that on this day last year, I came home from work, drank a bottle of rum in 30 minutes, and decided that was it, I know longer wanted to be here. A blanket of calmness and relief literally draped over me…

It was the first time in a long time I felt incredible peace. Because I was ready to die.

I honestly don’t remember much more, almost like I lost reality and time. Just waking in the morning, on the kitchen floor. Somehow, surviving an attempt on my life….

3 years of struggle had taken its toll. I was in deep darkness, depression and was functioning alcoholic.

I barely ate, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day. I slept 3 hrs a night. This was at my worst. I was in severe trouble. I stopped seeing friends, and wore a brave mask at work so no one would know my suffering.Infact no friend or family member hand any idea that I was living in absolute sadness and loneliness for many many years. I had feelings of self worthlessness. Low self esteem. Low confidence. I was extremely reclusive. I stopped singing, which has always been my greatest passion. I was absolutely a shadow of myself. I wanted out. Most of the last 3 years, waking everyday sobbing like a baby. But getting through the days. My home was my comfort zone. I was invisible to the outside world.I wouldn’t answer the door or phone or read my mail. 

But let’s fast forward to Today. Blessed and greatful to be here, I am fighting the fight. I have worked my way to a better place.

Yes I’ve had some amazing support, and lost a few “friends” aswell. Quite honestly, I’d like to think that I did a lot of this on my own. Finding the strength , the will, and having the belief I was worth more.

I had an awakening.

And I was disgusted I’d let depression and alcoholism get me within an inch of my last breath. I was very scared.

I honestly believe my nutrition, eating the right foods, hitting the gym and joining a boxing club has been a significant reason, and had a huge impact in finding light, a purpose and love of life and myself. 

No doctor or pills. Just pure belief, dedication, persistence and hard work. Day in day out.

Eating healthier and balanced, changes the way you feel. 

Physically and mentally. On top of that, physical fitness is the perfect therapy. It will change your mindset to one of positivity and strength. It gives you purpose and absolute reason. There is a real connection between Nutrition, Physical Fitness, and beating or overcoming depression and mental health issues. Make no mistake. 

I faced a hell of a lot of adversity last year, including losing my house, job etc, but stormed through it head on. Nothing could touch me. .

My life has made a complete 360, and now I strive not only for greater success in my own life, but to inspire, encourage and help as many people I can. .

This is my purpose.

Now I train for something big this year… watch this space.

Im nearing 365 days sober, and working toward huge personal goals. Opening up, like now, and speaking about what is typically a silent killer is so very important. And I encourage it. 

I am only one of millions. And I have lost many friends to mental illness, and never ever knew of their pain. I’ll carry that forever.

And now I’ll use my experiences as tools to help and support those effected and suffering, hoping that I can influence somehow. 

The one lesson I’ve learned the most over these difficult years, which I totally took for granted and ignored, is that your mental health is as every bit as important as your physical health.

You ARE worth more. 

You CAN get through this

If your reading this…


Nathan Rattley

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